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Talents & Personality

This very affectionate, devoted breed is also a very talented and versatile hunter. The Griffon is a wonderful upland bird dog with a keen nose and is a perfect companion for the hunter who likes to walk and keep his/her dog close. Griffs also love to swim and make great retrievers, especially in swampy and overgrown areas where their thick, wiry coats offer protection.

On the home front, these joyful, protective dogs play well with children. They can also amuse themselves if need be, but beware of the bored Griff because he will certainly find some way to get your attention!

These dogs thrive in the home environment and will perform and behave as well as they are expected and trained to. They are mellow and oriented toward their owners, but are highly intelligent and need consistent and knowledgeable owners willing to invest their time and effort toward bringing the best out of their Griff. 

These love bugs who hunt are the perfect combination of versatile hunter and loyal, affectionate companion.

Living with a Griffon

We have often stated, "What good is the best show dog in the world or the best field dog in the world if one can't live with it?" That is, perhaps, the most important question of all when considering a Griffon. An informal set of FAQ's would include the following:

Ethan and Quincy

How are they with children? How are they with cats? How are they with other dogs?

Let's talk about these questions. First, they are wonderful with children, as they are a great family dog. But...the latter comes with a caveat. They are great with children who are great with them. They are not a Golden nor are they a Lab. They do not suffer abuse well. They will not bite, but will simply walk away. It is up to the parents to ensure that the dog and its children do well together.

They are also fine with cats and other dogs if introduced when a puppy. As puppies, they are truly wonderful with the other animals in the house, even though they are field dogs with a high prey drive. However, it is important to maintain vigilance, as a cavalier attitude could result in a problem. Never leave a Griff puppy alone with a Yorkshire Terrier, for example, as the latter resembles a toy and the Griff pup plays hard. Be on top of your pup and its situation and you will not have a problem.

There are many notable things associated with living with a Griffon. As we examine each, think about your situation and if the Griff fits your life style.

Are you a neat freak? If so, the Griff may not be the dog for you. The Griff has a penchant for wiping its wet beard on furniture and people and its beard tends to drip on your just washed floor. If you need immaculate, a Griff won't be your bag.

Are you a couch potato? Again, the Griff is not your breed. The Griff, though not a busy dog, is a highly intelligent one and, as such, needs both physical and intellectual (yes, intellectual) stimulation to keep it out of mischief. A Griff needs a job and if it isn't shown its job, it will create a job...and it will probably be one you don't like.

Are you too busy to spend time with your dog? No Griffs for you! A Griff loves its owner more than life and an owner that can't spend time with his/her dog doesn't deserve a Griff.

Parker Birthday

A Griff has a sense of humor. Do you?

How about joining the family activities ...Trick or Treat, perhaps?


Need a self-sufficient dog? For the most part, a Griff needs company, but they will amuse themselves for hours
and, in this case, bring charcoal for the barbecue.


A Griff will occupy a large place in your heart and sometimes be gone too soon.


If you are ready for a wonderful, shaggy dog with a huge heart and lots of love to give, we are ready to hear from you.
Check our contact information and we're ready to "talk Griffs".



puppies in wood pile
Wet Acres Great Guns and Wet Acres Great Expectations. ~ photo by L. Gagnon



Wet Acres Wild Bill Woodcock ~ photo by Ann Langeler



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